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Belfast Free Library

Belfast Free Library Facts

Paul Hazeltine and Nathanial Wilson left funds for Belfast to establish a library and for use in educational endeavors. Those bequests were combined and on February 3, 1887, the Maine State Legislature established the Belfast Free Library.

Some of the bequest went to purchase the site of the Robert Miller homestead. J. Munchwitz of New York developed the plans and building was constructed by James Pottle for $8,775. The Wilson Fund bequest added another $32,000 for advancement of the Library.

Five trustees were selected in 1887 and the Library opened in May of 1888, with a collection of 14,000 volumes and Miss Elizabeth Pond as Librarian.

In 1898, a branch library was opened at City Point, but it lasted only three years.

The Belfast Free Library is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages pursue independent learning by providing access to timely and useful information in all formats.

The Gammans Room was added in 1932, the third floor Special Collections in 1977, and the Abbott Auditorium in 1985.

In June of 2000, the library reopened after an 18-month renovation project. A cramped, outdated facility was changed into a spacious structure that has successfully blended the grand old architecture of the original building with a new modern addition.